Khukri Music Nation


To celebrate the spirit of music, and cheer up our citizens during the pandemic, Khukri announced the launch of “Khukri Music Nation'' on the 14th of December 2020. Keeping in mind the covid regulations, this contest was held via Khukri Rum’s website. Participants poured in with their video entries, each better than the previous. The contest was judged by the biggest Nepali music stars - Bipul Chhetri, Sambriddhi Rai and Sabin Rai- from the popular Nepali band Sabin Rai and the Pharaoh. Announcement of the Top 16 was made via Khukri Music Nation’s grand musical show on January 1st, 2021. The musical show on Jan 1st also featured performances by leading Nepali artists like The Axe Band and The Elements, apart from the ones already mentioned above.

The quest for the new Nepali Music Star ended with the winner announcement on February 21st, 2021, who won a Khukri Musical contract worth NRS 11 lakhs, and had an opportunity to perform with the most esteemed artists in Nepal.

Speaking about this event, the Event Manager said, “Khukri Rum takes pride in Nepali Music and talents. We have organized and supported various Music Shows throughout the years, and with Khukri Music Nation too, we are hoping to give a platform for emerging Nepali artists to exhibit their talents. The new normal phase of COVID-19 has made things difficult for all of us, the music industry is no exception. But it should not halt the aspiration of creating good music. Hence, we have come up with the event celebrating Nepali music and Nepalese artists but this time virtual.” She adds.

This contest was open to all Nepali people residing within Nepal and abroad as well. It was exciting to see how people infused their own cultures with music and ultimately proclaimed #GarvaKaSaathNepali. It was a celebration of our identity, culture and art.



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