Sir Edmund Hillary


Much like Khukri, Sir Edmund Hillary values integrity, modesty and consistency. On the occasion of the 50th year of Edmund Hillary conquering Mt Everest, he was presented with the Coronation Khukri XXX rum.
In spite of being among the first people to climb the highest peak in the world on 29th May 1953,he always considered his philanthropic work in Nepal to be his greatest achievement, and devoted most of his life helping the people of Nepal through the Himalayan Trust. He built schools, pipelines, bridges, an airstrip and hospitals including one at 12,700 ft in the village of Kunde.

He has also inspired international communities to give their time, money and support to help the people of Nepal. His dedication to the Sherpas was recognized in 2003, when he was made an honorary citizen of Nepal.

He has made a profound difference to the lives of Nepal by also taking a lot Nepalese employees to New Zealand and giving them opportunities to make a living for themselves. Khukri recognizes, honors and celebrates his greatness.



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