The New Brave


Khukri, right since its origin, has always tried to remain a symbol of bravery for Nepal. We instil it in our values and as part of our everyday functioning. During this unfortunate pandemic, we decided to carry forward the torch of bravery and hand it to our citizens.

We asked people to share pictures or videos of any act of kindness that they perform on Khukri’s Facebook and Instagram page. For every post, we contributed Rs.1000. For 2 weeks, all the proceedings were used to support those who needed food, medicines and other resources. This was an initiative to reduce the burden on the government and help out in the Covid 19 fund.

Together with a local club, we made a difference in the lives of 100+ people.

We’re overwhelmed by the results and salute our people for being courageous and showing us #TheNewBrave. We truly believe that kindness is the simplest way to tell another human that there is still hope in this world.



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