The Coronation Khukri Rum is the most exclusive product to come out of our distilleries. Each bottle is individually handcrafted in the shape of the Khukri, making this a true ode to Nepal and it's rich cultural legacy.
Modern Auburn
Sweetness of toffee, vanilla & prune
Honey with hints of Himalayan herbs and fruits
Smooth & long caramel finish
On the prestigious occasion of the coronation ceremony of His Majesty, Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, Khukri created this selected reserve of Khukri XXX Rum - named as Coronation Khukri. It is served in a unique bottle shaped like a khukuri, which is a national symbol of pride, bravery and elegance.As one of the honorary guests invited to the ceremony, we gifted the first Coronation Khukri to the King in his honor.  
An ode to our royal LEGACY



One of the first distilleries established in Nepal's organised sector, Nepal Distillery Pvt. Ltd has embraced the various chapters of history with its own stamp of quality liquors.